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Are London hotels expensive?

by Rajul on May 6, 2009

Does it cost the earth to stay in a London hotel?

Does it cost the earth to stay in a London hotel?

Many visitors to London comment that London hotels are “expensive”.  Do they have a point?

“Expensive” is relative.  You can have a wonderful “priceless” experience or spend little and find it poor value.

So what does the hard data say?

London apparently has the 5th most expensive hotels in the world, after Moscow, New York, Dubai and Venice (source: Hotels.com survey).

Another survey by Hogg Robinson showed London hotel prices down in 10th place (not as dear as New York, Mumbai and Stockholm among others).

London is only “expensive” because lots of people want to visit the city for business and pleasure, naturally keeping prices high.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there’s great value in London and London hotels if you know where to look.  This blog’s mission is to help you find such value.

More good news: in another survey the Economist looked at the most expensive cities overall (not just hotel costs) and found Oslo, Paris and Copenhagen significantly dearer than London.

So while London hotels and London may seem expensive to visitors, this must be seen in the context of other leading city destinations.

Finally, remember to book from the cheapest source by comparing the best prices available online.

This website has its own handy meta-search tool exactly for this purpose.  After you enter the dates of your planned stay, it will automatically search 30 of the best online hotel booking sites to find you the best price.

Just click the link below and enter dates into the search box to launch:

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