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An affordable and eco-friendly Base2stay?

by Rajul on January 25, 2010

Can a hotel be green while keeping room rates moderate?

Regular readers will know we’re a little green-obsessed on this blog.

Especially given the typical wastefulness of hotel processes, dictated as they are by the massive daily turnover of guests checking in and out.

With this in mind, the mould-breaking new Rafayel Hotel was recently featured as an example very much in the “eco-luxe” camp.

We’ve also previously blogged about the eco-award winning Cavendish and the “witty” Zetter Hotel – both equally innovative in their environmental policies.  But again they’re not particularly cheap hotels.

Indeed, the Cavendish and Rafayel describe themselves as “luxury” hotels, which begs the question: is it only more expensive hotels that can afford to be green?  Or can a hotel be both eco-friendly and keenly-priced?

At least one hotel is aspiring to this with its own different take on “green”.

I’m talking about Base2stay – a hotel that saves its guests money with its mini-kitchens, free WiFi, innovative offers and large triple rooms.

In reality, it is more in the “mid-price” than “budget” category: nevertheless, the key point is that they aspire to be eco-friendly while at the same time emphasising affordability rather than luxury.

Base2stay is also only the second London hotel to receive a prestigious Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award.  Like the other award winner, the Cavendish, it is a member of the Considerate Hoteliers scheme.

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Having in-room mini-kitchens rather than a restaurant helps guests save money while reducing wasteful food sourcing

Here is a list of some of Base2stay’s many environmental initiatives:

  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Guests encouraged to re-use towels, have sheets changed less often and not to use water wastefully
  • Power switches to reduce energy usage when rooms not in use
  • Recycling of around 80% of waste
  • External, corridor and public toilet lights are sensor and timer operated to avoid wastage
  • Hot water boilers, cylinders & pumps operate only on demand
  • Services management systems help to control temperatures
  • Staff trained in environmentally-friendly initiatives such as switching lights off in rooms and avoiding wasteful water use
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning products used if possible
  • Delivery requirements half those of a traditional hotel and orders are consolidated, where possible, to reduce transportation
  • Fairtrade tea and coffee in all mini-kitchens

Interestingly, Base2stay doesn’t have a restaurant.  This is part of its “edited luxury” philosophy as the hotel’s staff encourage you to eat out.

It also means that delivery and sourcing needs (and the environmental waste and transport typically involved) are drastically reduced.

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Staff training is also stressed, as it is for the other Gold Award winner, the Cavendish.  Base2stay allowed me to see their internal “green action plan” which spreads the environmental message to staff throughout the hotel.

So in conclusion: it certainly is possible to be “green” and relatively cheap.  Is it now time for the budget hotel chains to follow suit?

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Photo credits: Base2stay.

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