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Top tips for a super London hotel bargain.

by Rajul on May 3, 2010

Below we list some top tips to help you grab the best possible London hotel deal

People often complain about the expense of staying in London’s hotels.

While there are certainly some great cheap options available – both at the pure budget and “luxury budget” ends of the market, how can you make absolutely sure you’ve nabbed the best deal?

Recent reports suggest that London hotel rates are starting to pick up again, so it pays to be savvy.  Follow these London Hotels Insight “top tips” to bag yourself the very best hotel deal and avoid hotel nightmares!

1. Use breakfast as a negotiating chip.  There is no clear policy on breakfast, with some hotels bundling it in “free” and others charging for it handsomely as an “extra”.  Try to unbundle it from your room rate and convince the hotel to include it for free.  You’re in a strong negotiating position because in much of London you can get an excellent breakfast just around the corner from your hotel, which is often cheaper!

The marginal cost for the hotel in supplying your breakfast is low since they will be preparing it anyway.  Use these economics to your advantage!

You can save a bundle by staying in London’s current number 1 B&B on TripAdvisor – it’s in the suburbs but well-connected to central London by tube

2. Stay outside the centre if possible.  With London’s (often but not always!) excellent public transport system, you can stay in the suburbs and save big bucks.  Make sure you get an Oyster card to travel into town.  One way to save is to stay in London’s best B&B which gets superb TripAdvisor reviews.  You could also stay in Canary Wharf: it’s not far away and again has top-notch hotels including arguably London’s best Hilton – a lot cheaper than staying in central London.

Check rates at Hilton Canary Wharf

3. Use metasearch for the best rate.  We have a “Best Deal Finder” at London Hotels Insight which automatically hunts the best deal for you from 30 different booking sites with only one click.  Don’t rely on one provider and don’t fall into the trap of thinking a “best rate guarantee” means that you are always getting the best deal: they’re often banking on the fact that consumers will be too lazy to check and take this up!

4. Book ahead for special offers.  We’ve already covered the Hoxton’s famous £1 sales, the Travelodge sales as well as Red Carnation Tweekends, along with a slew of other specials.  There’s also the excellent Lastminute.com “mystery hotel” scheme.

Check the best rate for Travelodge in London from 30+ hotel booking sites

Watch out for the Hoxton’s incredible £1 sales but you do have to be very fast on the trigger!

Check rates at the Hoxton Hotel

Keep your eyes peeled on London Hotels Insight’s Twitter feed for other great London hotel deals and special offers.

5. Negotiate directly with the hotel.  Once you’re armed with information on the best online rate, it can often pay to contact the hotel directly for further concessions.  You can ask them to match the best online price you have found elsewhere and to throw in extra freebies or an upgrade to sweeten the deal further, particularly if you’re planning a longer stay.  Remember that the hotel is saving on third-party commissions if you book directly; so with a subtle, well-informed approach you can create a “win-win” situation where you share the savings with the hotel.

Booking direct with the hotel can sometimes save you time and money

Once again, the “inside information” provided at London Hotels Insight will always keep you a step ahead!

Search for a London hotel – Book Now, Pay When you Stay

Photo credits: Bay Tree House, Hoxton Hotel.

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