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The best London hotel “freebies”.

by Rajul on June 4, 2010

We’re all used to getting ripped off on hotel minibars but one London hotel has decided to make them (at least partly) free! (image credit below)

There are many different hotels in London and no individual one is perfect for everyone.  But we all love “something for nothing” and the feeling that we’ve got ourselves some valuable extras without paying for them.

Here then is our guide to some of the best “freebies” in London hotels.

All the hotels mentioned below are currently in the top 100 on TripAdvisor too, so they’re certainly not offering free amenities out of desperation:

Free WiFi

Regular readers will know we’ve been banging on about this for some time – having supported a free WiFi web campaign on this theme since last year and tweeted at every opportunity on the matter as well.

Heck, we even wrote an open letter to the hotel industry on free WiFi and lobbied the budget hotel brands to get their act together.

But those who need a free WiFi Hotel should first and foremost check our list of the “good guys” – top-rated (via TripAdvisor) London hotels with free WiFi.  We’ve also put the spotlight on cheap and mid-price free WiFi hotels.

Some of our favourite free WiFi hotels include the family-friendly Luna and Simone Hotel (Victoria), “budget luxury” Base2stay (Kensington), the hip Hoxton (Clerkenwell) and all Red Carnation Hotels.

Check rates at Luna & Simone Hotel

Check rates at Base2stay

Check rates at the Hoxton Hotel

The Hoxton is a well-priced hotel which offers free WiFi

Free Minibar

This is an unusual benefit so congratulations are due to the luxurious Athenaeum Hotel in central London for breaking the mould.

Is there a catch?  Yes, because the hotel’s minibar is only “partly free” – you still have to pay full whack for alcohol, which I guess is understandable.

But the hotel does provide bottled water, light snacks (crisps, nuts, etc.) and soft drinks free of charge.  These costs can often mount up, especially for stressed-out parents staying with kids.  So it’s no coincidence that the Athenaeum is also arguably London’s most children-friendly hotel.

Let’s hope more London hotels follow suit – if their accountants let them!

Check rates at the Athenaeum Hotel

The Athenaeum offers impeccable service in an ideal location: try if you can to get upgraded to a serviced apartment

Free Technology

Two hotels in different categories lead the way here.  At the luxury end is the Lanesborough, “the luxury hotel that loves to give freebies”.

Check the best rate for The Lanesborough from 30+ hotel booking sites

Since it’s run by one of London’s most respected and guest-friendly hoteliers, it’s not surprising that this ultra-deluxe country house hotel near Hyde Park absolutely hates to nickel and dime its guests.

Rooms are not cheap but you get free use of a Sony Vaio in your room as well as the help of butlers (also well-trained in technology).

At the mid-price end, the top-rated City Inn Westminster is currently in the top 10 on TripAdvisor and provides free iMac computers in all rooms.

Check rates at City Inn Westminster

Apart from friendly service, well-designed rooms, free WiFi and fair prices, City Inn Westminster now also gives you use of a free iMac computer in your room

Both the Lanesborough and City Inn Westminster also offer free WiFi.

The Berkeley Hotel in swanky Mayfair (which has one of London’s best spas) recently announced that it is providing free iPads pre-loaded with apps and inside info on London.  But this amenity is only for guests in its most expensive suites so in our view doesn’t qualify as a proper freebie.

Check rates at The Berkeley

Free “Ritual Treats”

London hotels are famous for their elaborate and ceremonial afternoon teas, the best of which this blog will consistently highlight for you.

Truth be told, afternoon tea is a bit of moneyspinner for top London hotels.

So how refreshing it is to find the highly-regarded Draycott Hotel – currently in TripAdvisor’s top dozen or so hotels in London – providing free tea and biscuits every afternoon to all its guests.  How very civilised!

Check rates at the Draycott Hotel

Staff at the Draycott will inundate you with complimentary treats all day long

OK, so it’s not “afternoon tea” with all the ceremony and lovely cakes – but it’s still a generous gesture which provides a true slice of England (the hotel, nestled in the heart of Chelsea, has an absolutely lovely garden too).

Apart from that the Draycott will serve you a free glass of champagne and hot cocoa at appropriate times of the day as well!

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning Base2stay in Kensington – not because of “freebies” particularly but because the management believe passionately in the next best thing: transparent pricing.

This is a hotel where they worry about your “total stay budget” – providing discounts on local restaurants , a mini-kitchen in your room, “normal” or even discounted pricing on vending machines, phone calls, etc.

Keep reading London Hotels Insight and follow us on Twitter: we promise to continue uncovering the best free hotel amenities in London for you.

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Photo credits: Draycott Hotel, Hoxton Hotel, Athenaeum Hotel, City Inn Westminster, U-g-g-B-o-y(-Phot ograph-World-Sense -)’s photostream.

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