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Eau de cocktail at the Hotel Café Royal?

by Laura on February 19, 2015

cafe royal perfume cocktails

Taste and scent are irrevocably interlinked, so how food or drink smells can play a big part in its flavour. But hopefully the Hotel Café Royal‘s new range of cocktails, inspired by Givenchy’s new L’atelier collection, don’t taste like you’ve just knocked back a bottle of eau de parfum.

The exclusive cocktail range served in the hotel’s Green Bar, has been designed to mirror the seven new fragrances by the designer brand.

Created by the bar’s award-winning team led by Tiziano Tasso, mixologist at Café Royal’s The Club, they launched at the start of February and are available until March 31st 2015. Each cocktail has a distinct colour and a “unique personality and taste, reflecting the key perfume notes which are unique, universal and distinguished”. Like the fragrances, the cocktails aim to convey the “quintessence of the Givenchy style”.

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cafe royal perfume cocktails 2

They use rich ingredients, including mandarin oil and jasmine to reflect the vibrant notes found in Givenchy’s perfumes. Their fruity and exotic taste is sure to be the perfect cure for anyone who’s catching a case of the midwinter blues. But if the blues have hit you so hard that you can’t leave the house, you can even try two of the recipes for yourself. Find out how to mix a Chypre Caresse and a Cuire Blanc from the Evening Standard.

If the concept of matching fragrances and drinks intrigues you, you can find more of it at the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. The hotel launched the first bar designed for doing exactly that last year. The menu at Fragrances was designed by Henning Heisse, who is both a mixologist and perfume expert.

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Photo credits: Hotel Café Royal.

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