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Do men really need their own afternoon teas?

by Laura on March 25, 2015


Another London hotel has beefed up afternoon tea for a more masculine audience. Last year The Milestone put on a special Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea for Father’s Day, the Sanctum Soho offers a Gents Afternoon Tea (as well as High Tea for High Heels for the ladies), and now The Stafford has created a meaty menu of gentlemanly delights. It seems to be quite a trend…

But do men really need their own special menus? It’s true, of course, that afternoon tea is often seen as a more feminine pursuit.

If men partake, it’s more often than not accompanied by a female companion or as a family affair. It’s also true that not everyone has a sweet tooth and would enjoy a meal based around desserts and pastries. However, is a special manly menu the only answer to this gap in the market?

Cakes and indeed baking are not, after all, an exclusively female interest.

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sanctum soho gents tea

Everyone loves cake. And, as evidenced by both men in professional kitchens and amateur bakers on The Great British Bake Off, making dainty desserts isn’t just for women either. Some people, both men and women, might feel a little silly eating an intricately decorated cupcake or sipping from a china cup and saucer. It can seem anywhere from childish to old-fashioned and overly formal. But anyone who knows London’s afternoon tea scene can see that there’s more to the meal than that. From the OXO Tower’s Not Afternoon Tea to K West’s new Glam Rock Afternoon Tea, there’s a menu for everyone.

A more robust menu that focuses on savouries is certainly not a bad idea.

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stafford gents tea

There’s only so much cake a normal person can consume, and sometimes a few finger sandwiches aren’t enough to balance it out.

The Stafford‘s new menu, for example, features mini Wagyu beef burgers (and no tea). But men shouldn’t have to relegate themselves to one type of afternoon tea when there are so many brilliant afternoon teas on offer. And women shouldn’t feel they can only get a savoury hit by sampling a menu not strictly meant for them.

Let’s create a world where men unashamedly nibble on French fancies and women happily stuff their faces with pork pies. Men will sip fruity cocktails, while women appreciate a fine ale or whiskey. Instead of “Gentlemen’s” afternoon teas, why not hearty, savoury or meaty afternoon teas for all?

But in the absence of better names, the Gentleman’s menus from The Stafford, The Sanctum Soho and other hotels with similar concepts do look deliciously tempting to this female blogger…

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Photo credits: The Milestone, Sanctum Soho, The Stafford.

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