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Does London need hotel rooms by the hour?

by Laura on April 8, 2015

byhours screenshot

When someone mentions booking a hotel room by the hour, your immediate thought is probably something a bit seedier than checking in for a business meeting or a power nap. But Spanish website ByHours insists that there’s nothing dirty about paying for only the hours you spend in the hotel.

This new booking service, which has just arrived in London, allows you to book a room for 3, 6 or 12 hours. Instead of having to check in and out at set times, you can pay for the exact amount of hours you need.

So if you have a layover on your way to your destination, you want a quick nap before moving on or you need somewhere quiet for a business meeting, why not use a private hotel room?

If you check in for a night but spend most of your time out on the town or doing business across the city, you’ll be wasting cash on the hours you’re not there. But with this system, you could check in at 8pm and be out by 8am, without paying for unnecessary time. A quick search shows the likes of Conrad London St James, The Beaufort and Dukes on the site.

Check rates at Dukes

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And you can certainly save yourself some money. For example, at the time of writing a 12-hour stay in a Twin Deluxe room at the Conrad St James on April 13th 2015 is just £132 on ByHours, compared to an advanced purchase rate of £319 for the full night on the hotel’s website. Impressive!

Choosing a hotel appears fairly hit and miss, so finding somewhere you want for a specific date could be hard. And while shorter 12-hour stays are useful, is there really much call for 3- or 6-hour hotel stays? ByHours target business travellers, many of whom would love somewhere to spend downtime between meetings or on a break in their journey. It could be a good solution for those stuck-in-limbo moments when there’s a gap in your schedule.

Only time will tell if ByHours is a success for London but, according to the site, over 150,000 rooms were booked using this approach in Spain in 2014.

Search for a London hotel – Book Now, Pay When you Stay

Photo credits: ByHours, Dukes Hotel.

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