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4 clever ways London’s trendy budget hotels use space.

by Laura on June 3, 2015

z hotels shoreditch

There’s been a rise in budget hotels that are both trendy and good value over the last few years. While they may not be as cheap as basic hotels that are one step up from hostels, they have other things going for them. They’re clean, comfortable and often in a great location.

Key to these hotels is efficient use of space, so they can maximise profit while minimising price. Many of them have come up with clever ideas to help them use the space they have to get as much out of it as possible.

While extra amenities such as gyms, restaurants and meeting spaces are the first to go, it’s in the bedroom where they need to get really smart. Check out some of the things they’ve been doing to offer you the best prices…

No More Desks

How often do you use the desk in your hotel room? If you’re on a business trip, you might make use of it.

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z soho

But even then, it’s often more comfortable to use your laptop on the bed.

Desks are often optional for leisure guests, especially those on short stays. Budget hotels like Tune are saying no to desks. Some like Z Hotels are saying yes only to small bedside ‘mini-desks’ with easily tucked-away chairs.

Using Dead Space

One of the best things a value hotel chain can do is learn to use the space that’s not doing anything.

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tune nc safe

For example, why have extra space for cupboards when you can put things under the bed? At Tune, you might find your safe under the bed, while at Bloc Gatwick there’s room to slide a suitcase under it. Bloc also uses the end of their beds for air conditioning, as well as placing desks by the entrance to the room. It’s all about being savvy with the space you have.

Down with Shower Cubicles, Up with Wet Rooms

If you only have a small bathroom, splitting it in two with a shower cubicle might not be the best idea.

z hotels bathroom

A wet room gives you a more open space, so you don’t feel boxed into a cramped shower or tucked away in a corner when using the toilet. Wet rooms are also more accessible, removing the need to step into a shower.

No More Standing Around

One of the most noticeable things about a budget hotel room in London has to be the lack of space to move.

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While some people might feel a bit claustrophobic, others are glad not to pay for that extra space. Do you really need those couple of metres at the end of the bed? All they do is allow you to stand at the end of the bed.

By placing beds against the wall, instead of in the middle of the room, you can get rid of unnecessary space. And you can still create a slightly larger room that’s wheelchair accessible, while using the space conservatively.

Budget hotels in London have learned to focus on essentials, including the bed, shower and WiFi. Maybe the way to use space is to ensure the basics are top quality, something the best budget brands have understood well.

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Photo credits: Z Hotel Soho, LHI blogger Rajul, Bloc Gatwick.

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