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W London debuts wearable tech.

by Laura on June 4, 2015

w london wyld uniforms

Remember those t-shirts that changed colour with your body heat? If you don’t, they were around in the ’80s and they were exactly what they sound like. Yes, they were naff. But the W London is trying to make colourful tech-y clothing cool again with the new uniforms in their club, Wyld.

The staff at Wyld won’t be wearing heat-sensitive fabric though. Instead their wearable tech consists of integrated LED lights and fibre-optic tubes. Their clothes will pulsate to the beat of the music played by that night’s DJ. A sound sensor picks up the beat and uses a mini-computer to turn it into a light show.

The uniforms aren’t just technical though. The W has also brought in designer Claire Barrow, who has shown at Fashion Week since 2013.

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w london wyld

She says that her designs for the uniform were inspired by the club’s decor and the London skyline. She aimed for a timeless tailored look, so staff could feel confident and enjoy wearing the uniform.

The uniforms were recently launched alongside new interiors for the club.

They’re not the only tech the W London has added, as they recently went keyless with an Apple Watch app. Other hotels have got in on wearable technology too, such as The Montcalm, who were trying out Google Glass. Maybe London’s hotels could make use of wearable tech in other ways too, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Hotels are always looking for smart ways to use new technology. We’re sure the hotel wearable tech trend will only accelerate.

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Photo credits: W London.

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