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How technology is enhancing the role of the hotel concierge.

by Laura on July 20, 2015

ritz concierge

The hotel concierge has long been a respectable and not to mention useful position in hotels around the world. They make it their job to know everything guests need to know, and often to do anything requested of them too.

But will they be around for ever?

It’s true that a concierge isn’t always needed to provide essential information. Guests can use a variety of digital methods to find out what they need to know. They can even use them to make requests from the hotel and other services, such as taxi companies.

For example, take the Conrad Concierge app, which allows guests to access a range of services in their hotels. As well as booking a table for dinner and ordering room service, guests can use the app to read information about the hotel and contact the hotel’s (human) concierge.

Check rates at the Conrad London St James

Conrad concierge app

Marriott have just begun testing a feature on their app to let guests text in requests for anything they want or need. Before, during and after their stay, if there’s anything they want, they can ask for “anything, any time, anywhere” – within reason. 46 test properties are trying out the new Mobile Request feature and it will soon be rolled out to all of Marriott’s properties worldwide.

Some hotels don’t even need to use a dedicated app.

With a digital content system like Gold Key Media’s Media Box, hotels can add their own content to the online app. Then guests log in and download the information they need. The Digital Media Box platform is designed primarily to let guests access their favourite digital publications for free, but it’s also an easy way for hotels to put their own content online.

At Hotel Megaro for example, an interactive link takes guests to the food and drink menu, special offers and information about the hotel.

Check rates at the Hotel Megaro

hotel megaro

But what does all this digitisation means for the traditional hotel concierge?

It’s unlikely to put them out of a job. A mobile app or downloadable material might be useful for providing easy access to information or making it easier to communicate with hotel staff.

But until robot concierges are invented, technology can’t do all the jobs of a human concierge, from booking appointments to walking dogs. This interview shows how one London hotel concierge goes the extra mile. Digital tools are likely to make a concierge’s job more efficient rather than redundant.

As technology continues to develop, it will be fascinating to see how mobile devices and digital content will evolve the role of the hotel concierge.

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Photo credits: The Ritz London, Conrad Hotels, Hotel Megaro.

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