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3 cosy, rainy-day sanctuaries in London hotels.

by Laura on April 29, 2016

renaissance hansom lounge

It’s a lovely day; the sun is out and you’re skipping down the street with a smile on your face. Until, suddenly, the sky goes grey and it starts to rain.

British weather, especially in spring, is unpredictable at the best of times. This year, things seem to be particularly volatile, with no guessing at whether it will be sunshine, rain, or even snow at any moment. No one likes getting caught in the rain and rushing under a bus shelter until it dies down isn’t ideal.

Check out some slightly more refined eateries you can duck into when it starts to rain, where you can wait for it to stop…

Hansom Lounge at St Pancras Renaissance

Hansom Lounge was once the taxi rank at St Pancras train station.

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renaissance hansom lounge 2

It’s now a lobby restaurant and meeting space, great for stopping in if you’re off the train and don’t want to go out into the rain. Get yourself a light snack while you wait for the sun to come out or settle in for afternoon tea. The space may look cavernous with its high ceilings, but you’re sure to be cosy enough.

Chicken Shop at The Hoxton Holborn

Located in the Holborn location of The Hoxton’s basement, Chicken Shop is described as “fast food at its finest”.

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hoxton chicken shop

If you want to get a quick bite and ignore the miserable weather, it’s the perfect place to hide. Sit at a candlelit table with dark green and mahogany surroundings and enjoy free-range spit-roasted chicken. Get yourself a pudding, like a deep filled apple pie, if you need a bit of cold-weather comfort.

Scarfes Bar at The Rosewood

You’ll find Scarfes Bar on just about every list of cosy hotel bars in London.

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scarfes bar

Its private club feel is just what you need to cheer you up on a drab day. Tuck yourself into a comfy booth or sit by the fireplace as you tuck into a curry or a kebab. There’s entertainment on offer too, with art displayed from the bar’s namesake, Gerald Scarfe. Check out his new work for the Queen’s 90th birthday while you’re there.

Based on the weather’s current track record, you might only be inside five minutes before it brightens up again. But since you’re already there, you might as well stop a while and have fun in a welcoming London hotel.

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Photo credits: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, The Hoxton Holborn, Rosewood London.

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