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The inside scoop on London hotels

Our mission is to help you choose the right hotel in London to make the most of your stay in our amazing city.  We do this not just through our blog posts but also via our bespoke booking service and exclusive hot deals.

How can this blog offer an “inside view”?

Inside knowledge of the London hotel business

The blog arose from my published “At Your Service” book which interviewed 12 world-class hoteliers to reveal the secretive world of London hotels.

I asked each hotelier directly: why should anyone choose your hotel?

In-depth meetings with leading personalities like Sir Rocco Forte (Brown’s), Gordon Campbell-Gray (One Aldwych) and Geoffrey Gelardi (Lanesborough) gave genuine insight into top London hotels and global brands like Hilton.

The book found real differences between hotels, not always apparent from a bare-bones website description.  All the intelligence from that project, including many personal visits to London hotels, feeds into this blog.

We continue to maintain an open dialogue with London’s hoteliers.

In-depth content

Where most hotel booking websites are transaction-oriented and want you just to book any hotel, this blog aspires to be 100% content-driven.  We are keen above all to give you solid and unbiased advice.

We constantly scour hotel and guest reviews from many sources, highlighting hotels currently excelling (that’s now, not 5 years ago!).

Written by real Londoners

Almost all articles are posted by people born and bred in London or living there for a long time.  This helps uncover many genuine “insider tips”.

You visit London after all to access the city’s best attractions and activities, not just to stay in a hotel.  In a city as big as London, your hotel’s exact micro-location is critical to ensure you make the most of your precious time.

Bang up-to-date and credible

Guest feedback is continuously monitored to find London hotels that are maintaining the highest standards.  Our content often focuses on service.

London has a dynamic hotel scene which needs constant scrutiny.  While many hotel booking websites keep generic, unchanging information on individual hotels, we update our blog all the time.

We guard our independence on this blog fiercely.  That is why we mainly feature London hotels that rank within the top quartile on TripAdvisor.  If hotels contact us to ask to be featured on the blog, we usually tell them: get great guest reviews and it will probably occur naturally.

Save time and money on your next trip to London

This hard graft saves you time trawling through reviews, since our themed articles aggregate all the information you need to plan your stay.

We focus heavily on value for money since we know how expensive London can be.  You’ll discover many of London’s best free “hidden gems” here.

Please feel free to contribute your views at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Rajul Chande (Editor)


While we try our best to provide information in good faith, we cannot be held liable if the hotel you book disappoints in any way.  Please take care before booking and always do your own research.

Bear in mind too, that London Hotels Insight is owned by Positive Partnerships Ltd – a web marketing company which operates in all sectors.

We occasionally work with hotels too but this does not drive our editorial choices, which are based almost entirely on TripAdvisor rankings (see above).  The main benefit for any hotel which works with us is to get direct links to their website when their content is featured instead of affiliate links.  Similarly, our advertisers in other sectors never control our editorial; we just place links for them where they occur naturally within our content.

Read our policies page for our full disclosure and privacy policy.


All photos used on this website are either royalty-purchased, credited to the owner or genuinely believed to be in the public domain.  If you spot a discrepancy, please notify us so that we can immediately rectify it.

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