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Getting some fresh air in London.

by Andrea on December 8, 2010

Sometimes city life gets me down. The bustle, the traffic, the noise, the full diary – everything I normally love seems to be a torture.  The streets can appear to be great canyons hemmed in by dark buildings and the air is full of dust and fumes.  At such times, I desperately need some green […]


Londoners’ favourite parks: “The Heath”.

by Rajul on September 2, 2009

London’s Royal Parks – which include Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Green Park and others – are well-loved by Londoners and tourists alike. But did you know that London also has lesser-known open spaces, used mostly by locals?  One is north of the river and the other to the south. This special double feature will reveal […]

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Part one of this feature dealt with the pros and cons of serviced apartments in London versus hotels. Assuming you are convinced of the advantages, how do you actually track down a good serviced apartment or “apartment hotel” in London? To give you a head-start, we’ve selected a few of the best options (based on […]

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Serviced apartments are normally an option considered by long-stay visitors rather than tourists or holidaymakers. Part one of this double feature will give general pointers.  Part two will then reveal the options reviewed by guests as London’s best. There is no reason today why serviced apartments should be considered the poor cousin of hotels, particularly […]