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Flemings Mayfair Hotel

London Craft Week is an event designed to celebrate the best of British craftsmanship across the city. Many events during the week (May 3rd to 7th) are taking place in the capitals best hotels. Opportunities this week will include the chance to see exquisitely tailored clothes, learn the art of batik, and try your hand […]

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4 London hotels for an unforgettable birthday.

by Laura on September 21, 2015

Birthdays should be happy occasions, but we often don’t bother with them as much when we’re older. If you think it’s high-time you celebrated in style, why not do it at a London hotel? If you have a big birthday coming up or just want to do something different, a stay in London could be […]


As the unpredictable weather will attest, summer is on its way out and autumn is waiting in the wings. But even a little rain and the occasional bluster is sure to do little to dampen the appetite of international and domestic travellers for visiting London and enjoying a little boutique luxury. Here we take a […]


London boutique hotels roundup – March 2015.

by Chris Glithero on March 31, 2015

Spring is here and with it, as ever, the promise of upcoming sporting events, festivals and the inevitable surge in tourism on the streets of London. As the city’s boutique hotels prepare for the busy months ahead, we take a look at some recent news and look forward to things to come. One of the […]


The World Cup has now well and truly kicked off. You may have jetted off to Rio to watch the action live, or you may be firmly ensconced in your home cinema, emerging only for sustenance and bathroom breaks. Not all of us can be so lucky, but for those who will be away from […]


London boutique hotels roundup – Feb. 2014.

by Rajul on February 28, 2014

With fond memories of London 2012 undoubtedly rekindled by the Winter Olympics in Sochi, London is as popular a destination as ever for visitors from the UK and beyond. Its plethora of top-class boutique hotels offer numerous unique ways to enjoy the city, and with warmer weather and the Easter holidays just around the corner, […]


Flemings Mayfair plays the game!

by Jules on May 2, 2013

If you haven’t already heard Mayfair has been removed!  Oh yes it’s been replaced by Kensington Palace Gardens and is being sold for the exact same price but this time it’s card sales only, cash is out.  No, I haven’t gone crazy I am of course talking about the new version of the timeless classic board game […]

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Inside the kitchen of London hotels.

by Andrea on November 21, 2012

One of the fascinations of programmes like Hotel Hell or Hotel GB is that they give us a glimpse behind the scenes; something that appeals to the same part of us that wants to find out how magic tricks are performed, or that makes us stop and look through any door marked ‘no entry’. I find […]


With the Jubilee extended weekend imminent and the Olympics just around the corner, we look back at what’s been going on in the world of boutique hotels in May, and look forward to what’s coming up in June. Without question the biggest event taking place in May was London’s Boutique Hotel Summit 2012 at Altitude […]

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Flemings Mayfair unveils The Townhouse.

by Jules on May 29, 2012

Last week one of London’s oldest hotels, the 5 star boutique Flemings, unveiled ‘The Townhouse’.  The Townhouse is a brand new luxury private residence which has a total of seven bedrooms that are shared between two apartments and suites sleeping up to 16 guests.  It  is available for single or exclusive use and features a private […]