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Hazlitt’s Hotel

London boutique hotels roundup – July 2015.

by Chris Glithero on July 31, 2015

Summer’s in full swing now and as hordes of tourists descend upon London to enjoy its many landmarks, museums and shopping opportunities, staff at the capital’s boutique hotels are hard at work behind the scenes. Here we take a look at the latest comings and goings in the sector, and look ahead at things to […]


Do you like your hotels huge and sprawling or small and intimate? If you don’t mind hotels with hundreds of rooms, there are lots of options to choose from. But what if you’d rather stay somewhere with a more personable atmosphere and far fewer other guests? If you want a hotel that’a a little less […]


With the film adaption of 50 Shades of Grey due to be released on February 13, Valentine’s Day this year is set to be sexier than ever. So for couples who want to add a little va va voom into their relationship like Christian and Anastasia, we’ve compiled our list of London’s sexiest hotel rooms… […]


US TV channel Fox has commissioned a second series of Hotel Hell, the reality TV show in which chef Gordon Ramsay takes on under-performing hotels.  It’s fascinating viewing, particularly for a hotel blogger – but are there any lessons for London hotels? There’s quirky – and then there’s unsaleable.  I’m a great lover of London’s […]

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In this guest post, Emyr Thomas from concierge service Bon Vivant shares his thoughts on how a bespoke concierge service such as the one offered by his company differs from a hotel concierge. Many luxury hotels have world-class amenities and may also host some of the hottest restaurants or bars, so the advantages of using hotel concierges are […]


Guests just want to have fun!

by Andrea on July 18, 2012

Hotels are more than just a place to eat and sleep between other activities. Today’s guest wants to do a lot more – for instance, to swim or use the gym or perhaps to be entertained or even play games.   Guests want to have fun – and hotels are increasingly able to help them do […]

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London hotels become British.

by Timea on February 7, 2012

Once upon a time, travellers wanted to feel at home wherever they went. English tourists wanted fish and chips whether they were in Barcelona or Bodrum, Tenerife or Thailand and chain hotels offered total consistency whichever continent you were on, with the same colour carpet, the same ‘international’ menu and pretty much the same room, […]

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The hotel concierge: instruction manual.

by Andrea on October 14, 2011

One of the great resources of any high class hotel is the concierge desk.  Yet it’s consistently under-used by guests, perhaps because many people don’t know how to get the best out of the service. Concierges in London and elsewhere devote time and effort to knowing the city and particularly the area around any given […]

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Travelling light: 7 golden rules.

by Andrea on September 19, 2011

The Joan Collins way of travelling – fifteen suitcases and then the hatboxes – seems to be going out of fashion.  Low cost airlines are now charging quite extortionate fees for checked luggage and luggage allowances are getting slimmer all the time, so most of us are trying to pack smarter. It’s easy to say […]

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Which London hotel suits your style?

by Andrea on April 19, 2011

While some London boutique hotels like the Hempel are totally Zen – cool minimalism, white space, almost austere in design – others are at the opposite end: crammed full of antiques, upholstery and vibrant colour. And what’s in fashion seems to swing from one pole to the other from year to year.  Then each of […]


Hazlitt’s Soho concierge shares insider tips.

by Andrea on February 4, 2011

Soho is an area I don’t personally know that well. I used to buy old vinyl in Berwick Street and had a client in video post-production whose offices were in Dean Street – but it was never somewhere I hung around all that much. So I took advantage of my lovely stay at Hazlitt’s to […]


Your Soho “country retreat” at Hazlitt’s.

by Andrea on January 12, 2011

Hazlitt’s is a fascinating hotel.  From the moment you step in the door, it’s as if you have gone back in time.  Antique sofas, paintings of distinguished Victorian gentlemen or debauched Regency dandies, cut glass chandeliers and four poster beds – it’s a proper fantasy world. And since many pieces are real antiques you’d find […]


London antiques markets (beyond Portobello!).

by Andrea on November 10, 2010

London is superb for antiques shopping.  As well as street markets – Bermondsey Antiques Market on Fridays and Portobello Road at weekends – there are several other (mainly indoor) markets that do a good trade. One of the best is Alfie’s in Church Street, Marylebone.  It occupies a former department store, a striking (though in […]