Hot deal 4
The deal: as a London Hotels Insight insider you’ll get the Tune “comfort package” included – with TV, 24 hours of WiFi, towel & toiletry rental, room safe and hairdryer.
Hot deal 1
The deal: as a London Hotels Insight insider you’ll receive a complimentary welcome cocktail from Brunello Lounge as well as free WiFi throughout your stay in this stylish Italian luxury gem of a hotel – don’t miss aperitivo time!
Hot deal 2
The deal: as an LHI insider you’ll get a free bottle of champagne in your room on arrival as well as a free English breakfast for two (minimum 2 night stay). Free WiFi is already standard and don’t forget to stay for afternoon tea!
Hot deal 3
The deal: as a London Hotels Insight insider you’ll get several extras at this gorgeously discreet gem (read about the hotel’s service philosophy here) round the corner from Harrods. You’ll love the complimentary cream tea!

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Suites rule the luxury hotel landscape.

by Andrea on January 18, 2012

For many of us a room in a luxury hotel is already an indulgence.  But for some, even that’s not enough - they want a suite. Sometimes the reason is tangible – an entourage or a large family.  A suite is required for entertaining; it’s difficult to hold a dinner in a bedroom, after all.  A suite […]


Which London hotels are officially COOL?

by Jules on January 3, 2012

The winners of the annual COOL Venues Awards, developed in 2007 by Wesley Mendy of Prestige Events magazine, were announced recently. Winners are chosen in a rather unique way looking at whether or not a venue is “COOL” enough to attract guests to RSVP to an invitation and actually turn up at the event, as well as how exciting […]

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Anouska Hempel and boutique London hotels.

by Andrea on April 12, 2011

In the 1970s there was no such thing as a ’boutique hotel’.  In fact there was hardly any such thing as ‘hotel design’ – most hotels were highly conservative.  This was still the era of place mats with stagecoach and hunting scenes on them and menus with upholstered red plastic covers. Then Anouska Hempel brought […]