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Hub by Premier Inn

24-hour room service isn’t too rare a beast in London’s hotels. You can find it at hotels like the Andaz Liverpool Street. However, while those like the Andaz offer full menus, at others you’re lucky to get a sandwich. A new food delivery service is aiming to change that at some of London’s hotels. Instead […]


It’s only been a couple of months since the release of the Apple Watch, but hotels in London are already releasing their own apps for it. From providing essential hotel information to allowing you to control the whole room, there are already several innovative ways you can use your Apple Watch in London’s hotels… W […]

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5 of London’s most hi-tech hotels.

by Elizabeth Hands on March 6, 2015

We use technology in all walks of life these days, from turning on our home heating system before we leave the office to renting movies or shopping online. So it’s understandable that we expect a lot from the technology at the hotels we stay in. Here then are some of London’s most technologically advanced hotels, catering […]


In-room tablets take over London hotel rooms.

by Laura on February 18, 2015

As the prestigious Lanesborough prepares to reopen its doors, the hotel has revealed that their new rooms will feature tablets provided by Crave. While many hotels allow guests to control their stay from their mobile device, others are making sure you don’t even need to bring your own. The presence of in-room tablets is rising […]


Innovative Hub by Premier Inn to launch in Covent Garden.

by Chris Glithero on October 6, 2014

London is home to many grand traditional hotels which have changed little in the past century. But it’s also home to ultra-modern hotels that are at the cutting edge of the industry; those which seek to innovate for their guests’ comfort and convenience, using the latest technological tools. The launch of the Hub by Premier […]