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Enjoy open air flicks with Myhotels.

by Jules on June 25, 2012

Small boutique hotel group Myhotels has teamed up with one of the best open air cinemas in London, the Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House, to create a special package.  The deal includes 2 tickets to one of twelve films and access to the VIP bar before the film starts, as well as breakfast and accomodation at […]

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Which London hotels are officially COOL?

by Jules on January 3, 2012

The winners of the annual COOL Venues Awards, developed in 2007 by Wesley Mendy of Prestige Events magazine, were announced recently. Winners are chosen in a rather unique way looking at whether or not a venue is “COOL” enough to attract guests to RSVP to an invitation and actually turn up at the event, as well as how exciting […]

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Yet another London hotel has upped their game and opened a new restaurant, this time it’s the turn of boutique hotel group Myhotels. The small chain have just three properties: one Chelsea hotel, one hotel in Brighton and one hotel in Bloomsbury where we recently stayed the night in a swanky penthouse suite.  The new restaurant named three5 is […]

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My kind of (My)hotel.

by Jules on July 13, 2011

Having visited Myhotel Chelsea in the past I thought it was about time that I got acquainted with Myhotel Bloomsbury; and where better to test drive the hotel than in its gorgeous penthouse suite.  So I stayed the night in myplace 1 which is located at the top of the hotel on the fifth floor. […]

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One of the best things about Londoners is their open-mindedness to other cultures and cuisines.  This article showcases some of the more obscure but delicious cuisines you can enjoy in London. In such a melting pot of a city, waves of immigrants have made their mark by opening new restaurants all over the capital. And […]

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As one hotelier once put it to me, the hotel business is simply “people serving people”.  So the quality and training of staff, particularly at the luxury end, is absolutely critical. Different hotels have subtly different recruitment philosophies.  Why should you care about this when you choose a hotel? Because attentive and friendly staff are […]


Even the best hotels mess up occasionally! What separates the elite hotels, the ones you come back to time and time again, is how well they respond after things go wrong. We conducted some in-depth research of London hotels and hotel brands to see which ones have the best process for complaints. In most of […]


London’s Soho district has seen a strong revival in recent times.  An area which used to be a bit seedy is now the vibrant heart of London. Today Soho has some of the capital’s best bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants and feels lively 24/7.  Highlights include: Bars, cafes and clubs on Dean Street and Wardour […]