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Premier Inn Hampstead

One of our pet obsessions is the budget hotel sector, as shown recently in our two-part Premier Inn versus Travelodge head to head showdown. Today we ask if Premier Inn – with some solid hotels including its County Hall hotel near the London Eye – genuinely offers a “cheap” product. Quick research using TripAdvisor and […]


We recently identified some mid-price and cheap hotels in London which provide free WiFi.  But what about the very cheapest ones? Yes, Travelodge and Premier Inn, I’m talking to you! In the past this blog has praised these companies for raising standards at the bottom of the market.  Travelodge has been regularly featured here thanks […]


Londoners’ favourite parks: “The Heath”.

by Rajul on September 2, 2009

London’s Royal Parks – which include Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Green Park and others – are well-loved by Londoners and tourists alike. But did you know that London also has lesser-known open spaces, used mostly by locals?  One is north of the river and the other to the south. This special double feature will reveal […]

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