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Premier Inn

One of the best things about London is its diversity. The city is home to communities from a range of backgrounds, which makes for a colourful capital. If you’re planning a February half-term visit, why not celebrate this diversity? There are some great things to do this half term, from Chinese New Year celebrations to […]


Treat the kids to a London stay this half term.

by Laura on September 19, 2014

The kids have been back at school for a couple of weeks now and it may be a strange mixture of a dream come true and a terrible nightmare. It’s great to have them out of your hair, but on the other hand there’s now all sorts of school-related things to worry about. Plus, you […]


Top 5 New Year’s resolutions for hoteliers.

by Andrea on January 2, 2013

The New Year is upon us and many of us will be making yet another load of New Year’s resolutions, having still not learned by our previous failure to keep them (for example for me: must not drink so much, must actually go to the gym instead of just paying for it, etc….). In a […]

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Which is London’s best budget hotel brand?

by Rajul on August 22, 2012

A while back we looked at which budget hotel chain was best, Travelodge or Premier Inn, with the latter just getting the edge across a raft of criteria. But time has moved on since then and with Premier Inn now angling more towards the mid-price market, there’s room for another budget contender in the capital. […]


Budget hotel group Premier Inn, which recently announced 30 minutes of free WiFi in all its UK hotels, is planning to open a massive 20 new hotels at sites across London over the next 2 years.  The next will open next month and is the group’s most central hotel yet.  Located at number 1 Leicester Square, […]


Even Premier Inn now “gets it” on free WiFi.

by Holly on February 27, 2012

Hurrah!  Premier Inn recently announced it will give guests 30 minutes free WiFi access a day in all its UK hotels.  A move to be welcomed by guests sick of paying through the nose for internet access during hotel stays.  This still leaves the chain slightly in the slipstream of its main competitor Travelodge, which announced last summer […]


Travelodge steps on London accelerator…

by Holly on November 11, 2011

I recently wrote about Premier Inn’s bid for domination in London but if recent news is anything to go by, it’s clear their main competitor Travelodge won’t be taking it lying down.  Travelodge claims after all to be the UK’s fastest growing hotel brand and recently announced the opening of its 486th hotel in the City, a stone’s throw from […]


Natalie Thomas, Premier Inn’s Director of Bed Bouncing, is having her prime asset insured for a whopping £4 million apparently. Natalie, who comes from (you’ve guessed it) Bedfordshire, tests about 24 beds a day with her lump-detecting bottom, to ensure that Premier Inn live up to their ’Good Night Guarantee’ – if you’re not 100% […]

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How to launch and run a budget hotel chain.

by Andrea on October 10, 2011

My review of the Tune Hotel on Westminster Bridge Road really opened my eyes to how a budget hotel chain works.  It’s not as simple as it looks, because to create an economically-feasible operation you have to start right back at first principles – this is something Tune Hotels has done well, rethinking and reengineering all aspects […]


Premier Inn bids for London domination…

by Holly on September 29, 2011

We’ve commented many times on the rivalry between Premier Inn and Travelodge for London domination.  But it seems Premier Inn is really throwing down the gauntlet now, announcing plans for a major expansion drive in London.  They’re looking to make a 50% growth in rooms in the next two years, and double their size in […]

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How comfy is your hotel bed?

by Andrea on February 15, 2011

I don’t think all that often about my bed.  I only really become aware of what I’m sleeping on if it’s wrong – uncomfortable, bumpy, too hard or too soft.  I recently slept in one that kept trying to roll itself around me like a tube.  It was horrible – I kept waking up thinking […]


Automatic check-in: the way of the future?

by Andrea on January 17, 2011

We’ve featured YOTEL before – a revolutionary hotel group focused on airport hotels, packing maximum luxury into minimal space.  Based on our YOTEL video and recent guest reviews, this approach seems to be working. One of the things YOTEL has done differently is to re-examine the check-in process – and automate it.  So I spoke […]


Cheap Gatwick hotels with solid guest reviews.

by Bernard on September 17, 2010

We’ve previously covered hotels near Stansted Airport and examined one of the best Heathrow airport hotels.  Now it’s the turn of Gatwick – the UK’s second-busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic numbers. Although it lies some 28 miles south of central London, Gatwick is actually quite easy to reach from the centre of town […]


Tune Hotel Westminster shows early promise.

by Rajul on September 9, 2010

We recently mentioned the much-hyped London launch of Malaysia-based budget hotel chain Tune Hotels which has enjoyed a fair bit of publicity. Their first, slightly misleadingly-named “Westminster” hotel (it’s actually in Lambeth – the opposite side of the bridge!) is now up and running. The verdict of most professional reviewers has been that the company […]


We’ve already mentioned the close rivalry between budget chains Travelodge (which recently opened its 400th hotel in Waterloo) and Premier Inn.  Both have embarked on headlong expansion ahead of London 2012, building cheap and occasionally ugly hotels to meet their goals. On the whole their vigorous competition is a good thing but it does often […]


400th Travelodge opens in London.

by Rajul on July 7, 2010

This blog has commented previously on Travelodge’s plan to open lots of new hotels.  This is being fuelled by the upcoming London Olympics in 2012 – by which time Travelodge aims to become London’s biggest hotel brand. We’ve also mentioned the company’s attractive promotions though been a bit less complimentary about their ugly buildings and […]

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