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Town Hall Hotel

Flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinners are all very well, but for more creative people there are better ways to spend Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for something fun to do, London’s hotels have you covered. A Night at the Grand at Town Hall Hotel Film fans will love this Wes Anderson-themed evening, which celebrates his works […]


As we all know, London is a rather crowded place. There’s not much room to build anything new, and many old buildings are protected and so can’t be knocked down. But that means we have some wonderful hotels that have been tastefully converted from historical buildings. We’ve taken a look at converted warehouses, as well […]


There can be no better time for a cocktail than the middle of summer. Although the weather hasn’t quite been holding up, we’ve had some lovely days and there’s still time to get outside for a cocktail in the sun. While there are plenty of cocktails you can enjoy all year, it’s much more fun […]


If you like to keep fit even when you’re away, there are plenty of London hotels with gyms, fitness suites and pools. But the gym can get a little lonely, especially if you’re somewhere new. For anyone who prefers a more social workout, check out these London hotels with running clubs… The Rembrandt Anyone who […]


London’s converted warehouse hotels.

by Laura on February 14, 2014

Warehouses are fantastic spaces. Though they may begin their lives as storage sites for anything from food to furniture, when it’s time for them to move on they have the potential to transform from caterpillars to butterflies. Usually wide, open spaces, they benefit from lofty ceilings and tons of light. It’s no wonder then that […]

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Hotel bathrooms – the latest trends.

by Andrea on October 25, 2013

You might think that while curtains and bed linen really need replacing every so often, bathrooms are here to stay.  Not so in the world of the high class hotel; most refurbish their bathrooms every seven or eight years. There’s nothing as bad as a tired bathroom – and as in other walks of life, […]

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Christmas is almost upon us once again and there are few places more festive to spend a winter break than London.  Aside from the Christmas fairs at Hyde Park, South Bank and elsewhere, there are the extravagant Christmas lights and pantomimes to enjoy, with many of the capital’s top boutique hotels also arranging something extra […]


Best London hotel conversions.

by Timea on August 13, 2012

London has a treasure trove of clever hotel conversions, many of which are somewhat hidden from view.  Here is a little tour of some of my favourites. St Ermin’s Hotel (pictured above) was originally a Grade II listed late Victorian building constructed as a mansion block.  It is thought to have been the venue of […]


“Open” bathrooms – love or hate?

by Andrea on July 26, 2012

One of the big trends in hotels is the move to glass-walled bathrooms (or wall-less bathrooms aka peek-a-boo bathrooms).  More rooms are being opened up, doing to the hotel bedroom what open-plan did to office life in the 1980s.  Town Hall Hotel for instance (pic above) has made bathrooms the star of the show in […]


Which London hotels are officially COOL?

by Jules on January 3, 2012

The winners of the annual COOL Venues Awards, developed in 2007 by Wesley Mendy of Prestige Events magazine, were announced recently. Winners are chosen in a rather unique way looking at whether or not a venue is “COOL” enough to attract guests to RSVP to an invitation and actually turn up at the event, as well as how exciting […]

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New trends in hotels set to roll on in 2012.

by Andrea on January 2, 2012

Electronic check-in and check-out.  While YOTEL is using electronic check-in to help customers who’re jet-lagged and want a quick route to some Z’s, other hotels are also getting interested.  I suspect this will move up-market as a queue-busting device, giving guests the opportunity to choose whether to wait a few minutes at peak times or […]


London boutique hotels round-up – Oct. 2011.

by Rajul on October 31, 2011

As the nights draw in and Christmas looms ever closer, right now is a great time to explore London whether for a spot of Christmas shopping in the newly lit-up shopping precincts, to check out the festive markets or simply to kick back and take it easy.  And if you want to stay somewhere with […]


Sumptuous just got, ahem, sumptuous-er with the opening of The Lanesborough’s new flagship Lanesborough Suite a little while back.  The suite – 4,000 square feet of unadulterated luxury – features four bedrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a mindblowing five and a half bathrooms (there’s extravagance and then there’s five and a half bathroom extravagance!). With […]


Would you like a luxury room with your meal?

by Andrea on September 7, 2011

The problem with London hotels in the past wasn’t always that the food was unexciting; quite a few hotels had extremely good chefs working for them.  No, the problem was that the ambience was unexciting – ancient waiters in dinner jackets, rooms that hadn’t been redecorated since the Duke of Wellington’s day and a rather starchy […]


If our post on London’s four most expensive hotel rooms whetted your appetite for the high life, you’ll be pleased to know that you can live the lifestyle without bearing those eye-watering prices. Whilst these suites certainly aren’t cheap, they do offer super value given the “wow” factor they offer, proving you can splash out without […]


It’s possible to drop several hundred quid having a decent meal in London these days.  Yes, after decades cast into outer darkness, London has become the epicentre of the gastronomic world – but its new prominence has come at a price. However, impecunious foodies need not fear.  There are ways of getting a very reasonably […]