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Yotel Gatwick

Automatic check-in: the way of the future?

by Andrea on January 17, 2011

We’ve featured YOTEL before – a revolutionary hotel group focused on airport hotels, packing maximum luxury into minimal space.  Based on our YOTEL video and recent guest reviews, this approach seems to be working. One of the things YOTEL has done differently is to re-examine the check-in process – and automate it.  So I spoke […]


Cheap London hotels change staff recruitment.

by Rajul on November 22, 2010

Hotel jobs were traditionally almost always given to hotel professionals. The hospitality business has a well-worn training route, founded on vocational training and hotel school.  This has been churning out well-qualified hoteliers for decades.  And certainly when it comes to luxury hotels, this career path is still very much in place. In recent times, however, […]


Cheap London hotels which act like airlines.

by Andrea on October 6, 2010

Sometimes we only need a pillow to lay our heads – possibly on quite a limited budget.  That’s where ‘no frills’ London hotels come in: an area of the market which has experienced significant innovation in recent times. What’s striking is how many new cheap hotel ideas have modelled themselves on airlines – and I’m […]


Cheap Gatwick hotels with solid guest reviews.

by Bernard on September 17, 2010

We’ve previously covered hotels near Stansted Airport and examined one of the best Heathrow airport hotels.  Now it’s the turn of Gatwick – the UK’s second-busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic numbers. Although it lies some 28 miles south of central London, Gatwick is actually quite easy to reach from the centre of town […]


Big city showdown: London or Barcelona?

by Rajul on February 22, 2010

This is the latest in our “city showdown” series where we pit the advantages of London against a heavyweight European competitor. And having declared an honourable draw with Paris, let’s move further south to the capital of art, culture and superb food: Barcelona. Both London and Barcelona are cosmopolitan European capitals with more than enough […]


YOTEL video tour and guest reviews.

by Rajul on July 22, 2009

This is the first in a series of blog posts in which we publish videos of top-rated London hotels along with the latest TripAdvisor guest reviews. We’ve already published an in-depth feature on YOTEL and also mentioned the company in our recent overview of London’s “luxury budget” hotels. Below is the official video of the […]

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A new type of “affordable luxury” hotel has well and truly arrived in London. When this term was coined to me a few years ago by the CEO of YOTEL, Mr Gerard Greene, I wasn’t sure I got it. After all, you generally get what you pay for, don’t you? But having now seen several […]


When I stayed in my first “capsule hotel” in Japan many moons ago, it seemed a uniquely Japanese experience which I didn’t expect elsewhere. I’ve been proven wrong by Mr Gerard Greene, the CEO of YOTEL, who has successfully made it happen in London. Mr Greene has added significant value to the “capsule hotel” concept, […]