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Tube chaos for London hotels and visitors.

by Chris Glithero on August 7, 2015

The new all-singing all-dancing ‘Night Tube’ may be just round the corner (we looked at five of the best hotels on the route recently), but currently the headlines have been dominated by the strikes that they in part have caused.

And while the Night Tube may well bring additional business to London hotels, and extra opportunities for a long night out for those who stay in them, the chaos currently resulting from a breakdown in negotiations over the new service appears to be harming both.

Tube workers have held another strike, after a failure to reach an agreement over pay and conditions on the new night service since the action in July. The strike resulted in there being no Underground trains between 6:30pm on Wednesday 5th August until Thursday evening.

In addition to transport chaos for Londoners and tourists alike, it seems the strike has also had a detrimental effect on hotel bookings and operations.

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The British Hospitality Association warned recently that the strikes would result in a drop in bookings and income, with a 25% drop in online searches for London hotels being reported during last month’s 24-hour strike.

The BHA’s chief executive, Ufi Ibrahim, commented that, “strike action especially during busy summer months is a real nightmare for our hotel, restaurant, and visitor attraction members who have to maintain high standards while facing the staff shortages and unpredictable customer footfall resulting from the transport challenges.”

At present, the dispute between Tube workers unions and TfL is unresolved. London’s hotels and visitors may be disrupted again before it’s over.

Search for a London hotel – Book Now, Pay When you Stay

Photo credits: Christian Lendl, CGP Grey.

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