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5 ways to experience Italy at the Baglioni Hotel London.

by Laura on October 10, 2015


Sometimes, when the weather is miserable, you need something to bring a little light into your life. A trip away, or a staycation, and just the right hotel can be just the thing to cheer you up. If you’re looking for genuine Italian-style warmth, you don’t have to go towards the Mediterranean to find it.

There’s plenty of it in some of London’s hotels and one in particular has a flair for Italian style and hospitality. Baglioni Hotel London is the place to be if you’re looking for style, passion and romance in the heart of the capital city.

Here are some of the ways they can make your experience a truly Italian one…

True Italian Hospitality

If it’s that famous Italian hospitality you’re looking for, Baglioni Hotel London has it in spades.

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baglioni lobby

The team at the hotel make it their mission to be welcoming, as our own bloggers have found on numerous visits.

Everyone from concierge to housekeepers is ready to make your stay memorable, with friendliness and class. Suite guests even have a dedicated butler responding to their every need. You’ll feel like you’re hundreds of miles from London as soon as you’re greeted at the door.

Style and Elegance

Most people visit Italy because they’re looking for a stylish trip. The country is well-known for its fashion industry, as well as its impressive architecture and interior design, both classical and new.

Book direct with Baglioni Hotel London at the best guaranteed rate

baglioni room

Baglioni London celebrate their Italian heritage through their stylish decor, with luxury features to rival any Roman villa, ancient or modern. From black marble floors in the bathroom to golden drapes and plush furnishings, you’ll be transported to a modern Italy, while being firmly rooted in Kensington.

Aperitivo and Mediterranean Cuisine

In a list of what Italy does best, food would definitely be at the top. Many of us are familiar with lots of Italian staples, and eat them often.

Book direct with Baglioni Hotel London at the best guaranteed rate

Baglioni aperetivo spread

But there’s more to Mediterranean cuisine than tiramisu and spaghetti carbonara. Baglioni’s Brunello Restaurant reworks the region’s food to present creative and flavourful dishes. With many ingredients fresh from Italy and a wine list of around 500 labels, it’s sure to set your tastebuds tingling.

For a light meal and Italian-inspired cocktail, the Brunello Lounge and Bellavista Terrace are perfect places to enjoy the Italian tradition of aperitivo.

Romance Straight from Rome

Paris might be the city of love, but for many there’s nowhere more romantic than Italy. However, you don’t have to go all the way to Rome if you’re looking for romance and luxury.

Book direct with Baglioni Hotel London at the best guaranteed rate

baglioni room 2

The Baglioni Hotel London is ideal for enjoying a break as a couple, whether you want to have an intimate dinner, couples time in the spa or a drink on the terrace. For special occasions, their new Gift Box experiences make the perfect present for your one true love. Available at the London hotel and at Baglioni’s hotels in Italy, the experiences range from wine tasting to a gourmet dinner and a night’s stay. The hotel is also a popular choice for luxury weddings.

Live the Easy Life

Italians often like to take their time to enjoy life’s little pleasure. If you need to slow down and relax, Baglioni SPA can help you unwind.

Book direct with Baglioni Hotel London at the best guaranteed rate


Their decor may be zen-like, but the experience has a real Italian flavour. If you want to make a spa treatment even more fun, the Facial & Aperitivo package includes a personally-tailored facial & aperitivo, with Italian snacks and a choice of drinks, including Prosecco, Spritz and Martini Royal.

So if you need an Italian haven in London, head to Kensington to find the Baglioni. You’ll experience both Italy and London in one luxury package.

And if you really are hopelessly in love with Italy then check out Italian Talks, a home for Italy lovers packed full of inspiring travel ideas.

Book direct with Baglioni Hotel London at the best guaranteed rate

Photo credits: Baglioni Hotel London, LHI blogger Rajul.

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