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Conrad London St James takes fitness to new heights.

by Laura on October 14, 2015


Just like every other aspect of a hotel, the gym and fitness offerings must always be changing. It’s not enough to have a couple of running machines anymore. Hotel gyms need to push the boundaries and offer innovative facilities and training that appeals to current audiences.

It’s for this reason that you’ll see some rather interesting workouts at some of London’s hotels…

This summer, The Berkeley put on fitness classes based on hula hooping, while the Ace Hotel combined a ballet-inspired class with brunch. Now the Conrad London St James is offering an extreme fitness class that will attract anyone who wants to try the next big thing.

If you love trying new workouts, the Skinny Rebel altitude training could interest you. Though from the sounds of it there’s no guarantee you’ll want to go back!

The class is carried out with all participants wearing masks that simulate high altitude conditions. In other words, it’s harder to breathe. The theory is that the reduced oxygen levels help increase lung capacity, energy production and mental focus, among other benefits.

Conrad London St James is the only hotel in Europe currently offering these classes, but there’s no telling whether it might catch on.

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The method of using altitude masks is one previously used by top sports people, including the England football and Samoan rugby teams.

But what do you actually do while wearing these masks?

For some people just breathing in them would be enough of a workout, but Sherelle Jacobs from The Times mentions “mountain climbers, squat jumps and kettlebell swings”. Well, they do say you could burn up to 1,000 calories in one session.

If you want to push yourself to the extreme, this workout could be for you. The workouts cost £40 for one 45-minute session or £35 each for a block of six sessions. Or you could go and climb a very high mountain for free.

This strenuous workout will no doubt attract a lot of fitness fanatics. However, those of us who like our oxygen at normal levels will stick with something less extreme. Like lifting biscuits to our mouths.

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Photo credits: Conrad London St James.

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