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Ham Yard’s portable chargers help you stay switched on.

by Laura on May 2, 2016

ham yard seating

We’ve all been there: you need somewhere to plug in your phone, but someone has already taken the seat by the one available plug socket. Instead of glaring at them hoping they’ll go away, Ham Yard Hotel has a better solution.

Their new service allows you to charge your devices in public areas with portable chargers, which are available from the concierge.

You no longer have to leave them in your room to boost their batteries. The chargers, from Kube Systems, each have three built-in connectors, two USB ports, and wireless charging.

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ham yard restaurant

The KS Portable docking station contains five chargers that the hotel can hand out to those that want them. With each portable charger able to charge up to six devices at once, they’re ideal for meetings – or someone who won’t be parted from all their gadgets.

If you need some extra juice for your phone, tablet, camera, fitness tracker, or even headphones, you can power it up using one of Kube’s portable chargers. At Ham Yard Hotel, they’re only available to use in public areas – if you’re in your room, you can use the plug sockets.

Those areas include meeting rooms, event spaces, and restaurants.

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If you’re worried about the devices being hogged by a few greedy guests, don’t. The guest hands over their key card, ID or credit card to check one out. Timers can be set on the chargers, so they switch off after a certain time.

Firmdale Hotels is also using the chargers in their Crosby Street Hotel in New York. They aren’t the only hotel group making use of them, either. You can find them in some Marriott and Starwood hotels, as well as others. The smart solution is sure to prevent squabbling over electrical outlets, and it means that no one has to abandon their essential devices in their rooms.

London’s hotels are constantly implementing ways to keep everyone connected. Portable chargers and even free smartphones mean we never have to be parted from our essential devices.

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Photo credits: Ham Yard Hotel.

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