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Gin madness: London to get a gin hotel.

by Laura on June 1, 2016

portobello gin

Ok, we get it. Everybody likes gin. It’s the drink of the moment, and you’re not trendy if you don’t like it. But does London really need a gin hotel?

London has been going crazy for gin this year, and many hotels have been getting in on the action. They’ve been teaching people how to mix gin and tonic, serving gin cocktails, and even opening entire bars dedicated to gin. Now, Portobello Road Gin has announced plans to open a venue with a museum, bar and restaurant, and hotel.

The distillery, which is a multi-million pound project, will open on Portobello Road as soon as November 2016. We’ll be impressed if they truly are up and running in six months’ time!

They seem to have it all planned out, with details of the “gin mecca” released last week. The restaurant and bar will be called Gintonic, and will be in a Spanish style. You may wonder what Spain has to do with gin, but it turns out the Spaniards are just as partial to a G+T as Brits are – in fact, they drink more gin than we do.

There will also be a shop, museum, and “blending room”, plus – the part we’re most interested in – several boutique bedrooms.


Just how many “several” is isn’t clear, but it’s likely to be a small number. Apart from being the first London distillery to allow people to stay overnight, the venue will also host the “Ginstitute”, where visitors can learn all about the drink and blend their own recipe.

Gin sales have been rising and continue to climb, partly thanks to a new generation of gin-sipping drinkers. Portobello Road Gin aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and recently created an asparagus gin. A limited edition run of the product, called The Director’s Cut, will be the first produced at the new distillery.

London has definitely gone gin crazy, which is great for anyone who loves it. But is this a case of too much of a good thing?

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Photo credits: Portobello Road Gin.

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