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Tune shows you how to get the best panorama for your pennies.

by Laura on October 7, 2016

the shard

London has some fantastic views of the city. If you want to get a good look at the capital, you only need to find a high vantage point.

However, some vertical views are more expensive than others. If you’re on a budget, you might not want to spend too much for your perfect panorama. That’s where Tune Hotels’ new infographic comes in.

They have researched the cost of entrance (or the cost of the cheapest main meal for restaurants) and the height of the vantage point of several activities, then divided the cost by the height.

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tune london view infographic Click for full size


The result is a cost-per-metre for London’s best look-out points. Some of the top-value vantage points include the Walkie Talkie Sky Garden – totally free to get a view from 155m. Other free views include Primrose Hill and Parliament Hill, as well as the newly-opened 10th floor of Tate Modern.

If you want to go straight to the highest point on their list, you can get panoramic views from The Shard at 12p per metre and get up to a whopping 243m high. For a dizzyingly high view for less, climb 200m to Duck and Waffle at Heron Tower for only 9.5p per metre.

The most expensive attraction on their list is the Coq de L’argent, costing 94p per metre to get an elevation of a measly 24m. For a low-effort option, hop on to the Emirates Air Line (5p a metre for 90m), or for a more energetic climb, tackle the steps at Monument for the same price to 82m.

Book direct with Tune Hotels at the best guaranteed rate

emirates airline

See the full list of great places in London to catch a view below:

London Hacks: the city’s best value views

  1. Sky Garden, Walkie Talkie, 155metres, 0p/metre
  2. Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath, 98m, 0p/m
  3. Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, 65m, 0p/m
  4. Tate Modern, 65m, 0p/m
  5. Emirates Air Line, 90m, 5p/m
  6. Monument, 62m, 5p/m
  7. Duck & Waffle, Heron Tower, 200m, 9.5p/m
  8. St Paul’s, 134m, 11p/m
  9. The Shard’s viewing platform, 243m, 12p/m
  10. London Eye, 135m, 14p/m
  11. Tower Bridge, 42m, 19p/m
  12. ArcelorMittal Orbit, 76m, 20p/m
  13. Up at the O2, 95m, 23p/m
  14. OXO Tower, 67m, 30p/m
  15. Coq de L’argent, 24.4m, 94p/m

Tune Hotels’ properties make excellent places to base your stay if you want to visit any of these awesome vantage points. Their central locations, from King’s Cross to Canary Wharf, are ideal for a budget stay in the city.

There’s more to do than just look out over London too. All of their hotels are in excellent positions to discover activities and events.

Search for a London hotel – Book Now, Pay When you Stay

Photo credits: Oliver25, Tune Hotels, Romazur.

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