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How hotels can get positive results from social media.

by Laura on March 9, 2017

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Social media has become an essential tool for hotel marketing strategy. However, although most hotels are using it, not everyone knows how to tell if it’s working for their hotel.

Judging whether social media efforts are having any effects on bookings in a hotel doesn’t always seem straightforward. Making the connection between social media activity and hotel performance is certainly possible and even essential in order to allocate scarce resources effectively.

A new post from Positive Partnerships Limited walks hotel owners through on how to measure ROI from social media in only six steps.

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It starts with setting conversion goals and choosing key measures to track so you know if you’re on the right road to fulfilling your aims.

Of course, it can be tricky to quantify the value in your social media activity.

Turning likes and follows into money doesn’t always seem easy. But with the quick guide, any hotelier can see how to start assigning values to each social media goal. Once this is done, you can consider each social media channel individually to work out the benefits that each brings.

Of course, the next piece of the jigsaw is knowing how much it costs to run your hotel’s social media.

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It may be free to use many social media features, but getting someone to manage everything for you costs money. When you have both the costs and benefits of your social media, working out the ROI is just a simple sum.

The principles are similar whether applied to a hotel or other business. But the guide on the Positive Partnerships blog is written specifically for hotel owners/managers using examples they can relate to.

Know someone who runs a hotel big or small? Do them a favour by sending them the link for ‘Hotels: Measure your ROI from Social Media in 6 Easy Steps‘. Download the handy Social Media Strategy Toolkit on the page too, so you can put your profitable social media plan straight into action.

Search for a London hotel – Book Now, Pay When you Stay

Photo credits: magicatwork, Blogtrepreneur, Jason Howie.

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