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Make it at home: recipe books from London’s hotels.

by Laura on April 26, 2017

recipe book

Have you ever had a meal so good, you wish you could recreate it at home? Thanks to some of London’s hotels, you could do exactly that.

Recipe books from hotels and restaurants aren’t extremely common, but they’re not exactly rare either. Some of London’s hotels have recipe books available so you can recreate restaurant dishes, afternoon tea, and even cocktails.

Chiltern Firehouse: The Cookbook

The hotel and restaurant Chilten Firehouse is a popular celebrity hangout.

chiltern firehouse

‘Chiltern Firehouse: The Cookbook’ makes it possible to cook some of chef Nuno Mendes’ recipes from the restaurant, descriped as “contemporary recipes with an American accent”. The book also features cocktail recipes, and goes behind the scenes with exclusive photography.

The Savoy Cocktail Book

The Savoy is one of the best places in London for a classic cocktail.

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american bar cocktails

The Savoy Cocktail Book is a legendary guide to the classics, compiled by Harry Craddock, who was head barman at the American Bar during prohibition in the US and created many classic cocktails.

The book has since been updated in the 21st century by modern bartenders at the American Bar.

The Ritz London Book of Afternoon Tea

Tea at The Ritz is a must for many visitors to London. The hotel is one of the best for traditional afternoon tea.

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ritz traditional tea

And if you want to recreate it at home, the book by Helen Simpson has over 50 recipes for everything from sandwiches to cakes. It also includes a tea guide to help you choose the right one for different occasions.

Firmdale Food at Home

Firmdale Hotels has eight hotels in London. Rather than a print cookbook, the ‘Firmdale Food at Home‘ collection is a selection of PDF recipes hosted online.

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charlotte street restaurant

The recipes come from several restaurants in London and New York, and include roasted sea trout and veal schnitzel.

A Life in Food

A Life in Food‘ is part recipe book and part autobiography, written by Bea Tollman of Red Carnation Hotels. Like Firmdale, Red Carnation has a number of boutique hotels in the capital with excellent restaurants.

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milestone restaurant

The recipes in the book are those that have been passed through generations to Beatrice Tollman and recipes she has discovered while travelling, which she has perfected through her own kitchen experience. They include signature dishes from Red Carnation properties in London and elsewhere.

Your favourite hotel food could be yours at home with these recipe books – and a little skill in the kitchen.

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Photo credits: Skitterphoto, Chiltern Firehouse, The Savoy, The Ritz London, Charlotte Street Hotel, The Milestone Hotel.

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