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This London hotel has just one room.

by Laura on May 5, 2017

napoleon hotel room

How small can a hotel get before it’s not a hotel anymore? A newly renovated property is setting out to prove that just one bedroom is enough to hold onto its hotel status.

The Napoleon Hotel in Shoreditch features a single suite on its second floor. The stylish room has a super-king size bed and a lounge area, free WiFi and Spotify services, and an LED television. There’s filtered boiling and cold water on tap, fresh coffee, an extensive minibar, and a bathroom with a roll-top bath.

But what makes it a hotel, and not just…well, a room? You can rent a studio apartment anywhere in London, and calling it a hotel would be a stretch. One of the things that makes the suite different is its service elevator, which allows food to be delivered from the three bars that are also on site.

The other three floors feature cocktail bar The Devil’s Darling, whisky den Black Rock, and sherry bar Sack.

Napoleon Hotel Cocktail Bar

Guests staying in the room can have room service food and drink sent up (or down) from each of the three bars. In the morning, a breakfast with pastry and fruit is delivered to the room via the elevator too.

Each of the bars has its own personality and is dedicated to a different type of drink – and they’re not just available to guests in the suite! The Devil’s Darling is the main bar, serving classic cocktails, with a daily menu of three drinks picked by the team. Apparently you should “pick a drink that pairs well with vinyl records, low lighting, and impeccable service”.

If sherry is more your thing, you can head to Sack, which is inspired by Spanish tabancos and bodegas.

napoleon hotel sherry bar

Black Rock provides an intimate whisky den available for group reservations, as well as walk-ins. But they say that if there’s no space, you can go around the corner to Whistling Stop, their sister bar, until there’s a bit more room.

It might be small, but The Napoleon Hotel makes sure guests have what they need. It’s up to you whether you really think it’s a hotel or not.

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Photo credits: The Napoleon Hotel.

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