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Apex City of London Hotel

Beautiful “food art” at Addendum.

by Saloni on June 27, 2013

As our readers will know, this month’s Hotel of the Month is Apex City of London, a sleek modern luxury 4 star hotel tucked down a side street by Tower Bridge. Last week we took a wander down to the hotel to try out their restaurant Addendum which has just unveiled a new menu.  And the food was […]

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For this month’s ‘Hotel of the Month‘, we chose The Apex City of London to share its many attractions.  Now you can win a free weekend there just by RT’ing @londonhoteltips on Twitter.  Read on to learn how you can win! There is plenty this contemporary 4 star luxury hotel is doing right as described in our recent […]

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Hotel of the month: Apex City of London.

by Saloni on June 6, 2013

Last month at LHI we decided to show some extra TLC to London hotels which we think are doing it right.  Our first Hotel of the Month was The Cavendish London and one of our lucky @londonhoteltips Twitter followers even won a free weekend’s stay there in our special competition. Just so you know, we […]

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Top 10 favourite London hotel Flickr photos.

by Rajul on September 11, 2012

Here at London Hotels Insight, we have an ever growing collection of photographs of hotels that we’re adding all the time to our Flickr account, all of which we’ve personally visited.  From beautiful afternoon teas to sleek interior design, our London hotel Flickr account covers a wide range of wonderful features across 16 hotels – and it’s […]


Ten years after the great internet boom and bust, technology keeps on changing – and changing our lives with it.  That’s particularly true in the hotel sector, where everything is changing: from the way we book to the way we order dinner; from the entertainment console in our rooms to the check-in desk (or its absence). […]


Free WiFi touchdown: the best tweets.

by Rajul on February 22, 2012

London Hotels Insight’s free WiFi touchdown visits are now complete, but we’ll continue to pressurise London hotels that charge extra for WiFi without stating this information clearly upfront before travellers book. During our campaign, we personally visited 14 different free WiFi London hotels and promoted them aggressively on social media.  We took hundreds of photos which are being uploaded onto the […]


Free WiFi touchdown: 14 hotels in a month!

by Rajul on February 22, 2012

Over a period of a month, London Hotels Insight bloggers personally visited a massive 14 free WiFi London hotels (chronologically listed below) for the Free WiFi touchdown – an initiative designed to promote London’s best free WiFi hotels through the most popular social media channels; while naming and shaming some of the naughty luxury hotels that charge their guests extra for internet use without making […]


Apex lets wild animals loose in its hotels.

by Holly on February 16, 2012

Apex have just introduced the newest addition to the chain’s family of animal mascots, Parvati the elephant.  We hear Parvati now resides in the Courtyard at Apex Temple Court eagerly awaiting its imminent opening. The elephant joins a unique collection of animals that bedeck Apex Hotels. At Apex City of London you’ll find a colourful cow from […]

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Apex Temple Court Hotel will open early!

by Jules on February 1, 2012

You may remember last July when we blogged about the countdown clock which had been displayed on the Apex Temple Court’s hotel website, counting down the days until the hotel was due to open.  Well, that day is nearly upon us and for once not only will the hotel opening be on time,  it’s actually […]


Free WiFi touchdown @ Apex City of London.

by Timea on December 21, 2011

We recently visited the Apex City of London to test the free WiFi and were soon joined by three Apex duckies to keep us entertained.  But when we looked away for a moment to enjoy the hotel’s contemporary and yet friendly vibe (we’ve previously blogged a proper review of Apex City), the ducks playfully hijacked our camera and took pictures of themselves around […]


Cute ducks go head to head at London hotels!

by Holly on November 7, 2011

What is it about a rubber duck in the bath that turns us all into tots?  Who knows, but there’s nothing quite like a long soak with a plastic pal to keep you company in the bubbles.  Luckily enough, two of London’s top hotels know what we like and have made ducks their official mascot. […]


Curing a hangover at Apex City of London…

by Rajul on October 11, 2011

I recently experienced a Saturday night stay at the Apex City of London – previously recognised on this blog as arguably London’s best mid-price hotel in terms of value for money: free WiFi, stylish rooms, friendly service and a fabulous location right by Tower Bridge and the river. But in this post, I’d like to […]


4 star free WiFi hotels that outdo 5 star hotels.

by Rajul on September 16, 2011

We’ve recently been naming and shaming 5 star London hotels with expensive WiFi charges – a policy we believe can never be justified. To further challenge these hotels, we’ve identified four significantly cheaper hotels in the 4 star category which outperform their more expensive 5 star competitors by offering free WiFi to their guests.  What’s […]


London hotels with cute mascots.

by Andrea on August 22, 2011

One of London’s most intriguing secrets is the number of animals you’ll find in top hotels.  Some are real – like Whisky the cat who for a long time reigned over the American Bar in the Stafford – and others like Kaspar at The Savoy are not, but they all bring a bit of fun […]

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Countdown begins for Apex Temple Court.

by Jules on July 21, 2011

The opening of the newest Apex London hotel may be a year away but the countdown has already begun.  The hotel’s website even has a digital counter to counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining! There are still well over 200 days to go so we wouldn’t be getting too excited just yet, especially given that hotel […]

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Isn’t it great to be in a hotel with that “little bit extra”?  It’s often based on an intangible “feel good factor” conveyed by staff who love working there. We’re not talking here about marketing promises like Tune Hotels’ “five star beds at one star prices” slogan (Tune Hotels do certainly have their merits but […]