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Athenaeum Hotel

Even though you love your mother all the time, it’s nice to have a special day when you can show your appreciation. Mother’s Day for 2017 is March 26th, so make sure you have something planned. If you’re hoping to surprise your mum with a Sunday lunch this year, there are some beautiful hotel restaurants that […]


The best London hotels for a wee dram.

by Laura on February 15, 2016

While Burn’s Night might give you a good excuse, it doesn’t need to be a special occasion to enjoy a good glass of whisky. If you’re partial to a wee dram, we’ve got a few top London hotels you should visit… Pullman London St Pancras The Gold Arrow bar and restaurant at the Pullman St […]


The best & worst of London hotels on Twitter.

by Laura on November 27, 2015

Twitter can be a strange beast to navigate. But it’s an essential tool for hotel marketing teams to reach their audience. A new report from Positive Partnerships explores how some of London’s top hotels use the social media platform for success – as well as the mistakes they make. The post, entitled How 10 London […]


It’s no secret that there isn’t much room left in London. If you want to build something new, you’re better off going up than out. It’s no different for gardens, which is why several hotels choose to have theirs on their walls and roofs. You might think of a garden as somewhere to relax with […]


Just desserts: the latest London trend with a sweet tooth.

by Elizabeth Hands on October 30, 2014

For many of us, dessert is the best part of any meal. So, in honour of those who turn to the back of the menu before even beginning to look at the starters, we’ve put together a guide to the newest restaurant trend in the capital – where you can have pudding as a beginning, […]


While new hotels are popping up all over London this year, St Ermin’s Hotel have introduced a different kind of establishment altogether – notable because its guests aren’t human. This month saw the opening of their ‘bee hotel’, the first of its kind in the capital. Declining numbers in bees is a key environmental issue, […]


London boutique hotels roundup – Feb. 2014.

by Rajul on February 28, 2014

With fond memories of London 2012 undoubtedly rekindled by the Winter Olympics in Sochi, London is as popular a destination as ever for visitors from the UK and beyond. Its plethora of top-class boutique hotels offer numerous unique ways to enjoy the city, and with warmer weather and the Easter holidays just around the corner, […]


We’re in the middle of the festive season, and around the capital boutique hotels are pulling out all the stops to ensure that their guests’ Christmas’ and New Years are ones to remember.  While the last of the turkey, mulled wine and festive chocolates will soon be done with, there’s plenty to look forward to […]


Normal luxury versus “special” luxury.

by Rajul on December 6, 2013

London has become one of the globe’s top two five-star destinations (along with Hong Kong) according to the Forbes Travel Guide, with a huge concentration of five-star properties. That makes it more difficult for top hotels to differentiate themselves. Luxurious toiletries, fine furnishings, butler service, concierge and room service facilities and high class restaurants have […]

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Tea and coffee trends at London hotels.

by Andrea on November 11, 2013

Once upon a time, your choices used to be limited.  Some hotel rooms had little sachets of Nescafe, and pots of UHT cream or (even worse) non-dairy creamer.  Plus cheap tea bags and if you were very, very lucky a sachet of instant hot chocolate.  Or else you could order from room service of course… Fast […]


London boutique hotels round-up – September 2013.

by Saloni on September 30, 2013

In the world of London’s boutique hotels there’s always something going on.  Summer may well be wrapping up for another year, but September’s no different, as you’ll see in our round up of the month’s happenings. In the past month we’ve seen a number of new openings, adding to the capital’s already well-stocked repertoire of […]


Top 5 London hotels for families.

by Saloni on September 6, 2013

Luxurious hotels and children don’t always go hand in hand.  But some of London’s top hotels are only too happy to welcome your little ones, with extra family-friendly touches to make your stay special for everyone. Here’s our pick of the best 5 London hotels if you’re travelling with children: A new bedtime friend at […]

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London hotels with an English country garden.

by Andrea on August 9, 2013

When the sun’s out I have the luxury of getting on my motorbike and zooming ten minutes across golden fields to a friend’s house, a splendid watermill with a lovely riverside garden full of flowers and with one of those lawns you’d kill for, neatly striped and lush. But I’m lucky.  I’m not stuck in […]

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NB: the post below was published in 2013.  We’ve since done a more up-to-date rundown of top 10 London hotel afternoon teas in 2014/15 with up-to-date prices and contact info. It’s that time of year when the annual Tea Guild Awards come round again and we’ve done our usual added-value research from their findings to help you track down […]


Top 5 London hotel gingerbread houses.

by Saloni on December 12, 2012

The festive season is definitely in full swing for London hotels.  Christmas trees are going up and stunning gingerbread houses are appearing everywhere!  Both The Langham and Chesterfield Mayfair have returning gingerbread houses that are always meticulously crafted. Take a look below at our top 5 London hotel gingerbread houses.  Why not let us know in […]


London hotels go pop-up crazy!

by Andrea on June 1, 2012

One of the big trends in the hotel world at the moment is pop-ups.  Some hotels have pop-up shops, others have pop-up bars or restaurants; and there are even pop-up hotels.  It’s not just hotels; there are pop-up cinemas, like Films at the Yard which popped up in the East End earlier this year and pop-up shops […]

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