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Top 5 best uses of social media by London hotels.

by Elizabeth Hands on October 23, 2014

Social media has pretty much changed the world. It’s changed the way we receive our news, it’s changed the way we interact with our friends and it’s changed the way we do business. For hotels, it’s changed the way they interact with guests and potential customers. But some have embraced the trend more than others. […]

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After a busy Easter season on London’s boutique hotel scene, many hotels in the capital are catching their breath, while some properties are frantically transforming their offerings or even preparing to open for the first time. Read on for a roundup of all the big news over the past month and a look ahead at […]


Public venues and hotels are required to cater for people with disabilities, and in many properties positive improvements have been made to improve access in recent years. London Hotels Insight has previously looked at the best hotels for accessibility, highlighting hotels with numerous accessible rooms and communal areas. But those with visual impairments are often […]


Tea and coffee trends at London hotels.

by Andrea on November 11, 2013

Once upon a time, your choices used to be limited.  Some hotel rooms had little sachets of Nescafe, and pots of UHT cream or (even worse) non-dairy creamer.  Plus cheap tea bags and if you were very, very lucky a sachet of instant hot chocolate.  Or else you could order from room service of course… Fast […]


London boutique hotels round-up – September 2013.

by Saloni on September 30, 2013

In the world of London’s boutique hotels there’s always something going on.  Summer may well be wrapping up for another year, but September’s no different, as you’ll see in our round up of the month’s happenings. In the past month we’ve seen a number of new openings, adding to the capital’s already well-stocked repertoire of […]


London hotels get Considerate…

by Saloni on June 10, 2013

A few days ago, the Considerate Hoteliers Awards of 2013 were announced to acknowledge a range of hotels from all over the UK that are ‘doing it right’ and here at LHI we also want to give a little mention to the winning hotels, particularly those that are from in and around London. The Considerate Hoteliers […]


Note: this competition is now closed and the lucky winner was Rayce Walsh, announced on 30th May 2013. For our very first ‘Hotel of the Month‘, we chose The Cavendish London to share its many attractions.  Now you can win a free weekend there just by RT’ing @londonhoteltips on Twitter.  Read on to learn how you […]


As part of the investigation of this blog’s hotel of the month for May, I went for dinner at Petrichor in The Cavendish London on Jermyn Street. This hotel has been featured before for its great-value afternoon tea and my colleague Andrea also did a cocktail masterclass in its bar.  So we knew already that they’re pretty […]


Here at LHI, we’ve decided to show some extra TLC to those hotels which we think are doing it right.  Our first Hotel of the Month is… drumroll please….The Cavendish London!  The Cavendish London is a 4 star hotel which has won awards for its staff wellbeing and is a Sunday Times Top 100 Small Company […]


NB: the post below was published in 2013.  We’ve since done a more up-to-date rundown of top 10 London hotel afternoon teas in 2014/15 with up-to-date prices and contact info. It’s that time of year when the annual Tea Guild Awards come round again and we’ve done our usual added-value research from their findings to help you track down […]


Vine is the latest app to be sweeping across the social media scene. It’s slightly different to Pinterest or Instagram which allow you to upload, like and share pictures.  Vine also allows you to make and share a 6 second looping video.  Although Vine is only currently available for Apple users there is apparently an […]

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Festive afternoon tea fun at The Cavendish.

by Saloni on December 14, 2012

I arrived at The Cavendish for my afternoon tea in full-on panic mode. There had been an accident on the trains and I was almost an hour late (I hate being late despite having called ahead to let the hotel know).  However, the moment I entered The Cavendish, my unease fell away as I slipped effortlessly […]


Let there be light!

by Andrea on October 12, 2012

What is it with dim?  I just never seem to be able to get a hotel room that’s light enough.  You might have thought the loft living tendency of the last twenty years, minimalism and Scandinavian influences had led us all to ‘chuck out the chintz’ (as a certain Scandinavian furnishing chain has it) and […]


Hotel lobbies – a waste of space?

by Andrea on July 24, 2012

Hotel lobbies seem to be on the way out – at least, the huge ones of the past (as exemplified by the Hilton Metropole London pictured above) seem to have shrunk.  Maybe no one finds them useful any more.  After all, what do you actually use the lobby for? There’s a business centre for connecting to the internet, […]


Free WiFi touchdown: the best tweets.

by Rajul on February 22, 2012

London Hotels Insight’s free WiFi touchdown visits are now complete, but we’ll continue to pressurise London hotels that charge extra for WiFi without stating this information clearly upfront before travellers book. During our campaign, we personally visited 14 different free WiFi London hotels and promoted them aggressively on social media.  We took hundreds of photos which are being uploaded onto the […]


London hotels become British.

by Timea on February 7, 2012

Once upon a time, travellers wanted to feel at home wherever they went. English tourists wanted fish and chips whether they were in Barcelona or Bodrum, Tenerife or Thailand and chain hotels offered total consistency whichever continent you were on, with the same colour carpet, the same ‘international’ menu and pretty much the same room, […]

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