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A great value hotel shopping package is a brilliant way to enjoy all the shops and markets London has to offer, especially at this time of year. Travelodge has plans for two London hotels that could help you get even more up close with your favourite stores. Travelodge has recently signed contracts for three hotels […]


Artist-in-residence schemes at London hotels.

by Laura on September 11, 2014

London’s hotels are often keen to foster and support the arts in their many forms. Recently, Brown’s ran its very first art weekend and the Andaz Liverpool Street began its ‘Room with a View‘ project. The Savoy regularly holds literary lunches with high-profile writers, while The Bloomsbury Hotel holds private dinners for The Royal Society of Literature in […]


The art of booking hotels well in advance.

by Saloni on September 3, 2013

Many people these days are becoming aware of the idea of booking hotel rooms well in advance.  Hotels meanwhile are taking a leaf out of the book of low-cost airlines like Ryanair by offering incentives for booking early – notably substantially lower prices. To investigate the phenomenon further, we carried out research into London hotels […]

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Top 5 New Year’s resolutions for hoteliers.

by Andrea on January 2, 2013

The New Year is upon us and many of us will be making yet another load of New Year’s resolutions, having still not learned by our previous failure to keep them (for example for me: must not drink so much, must actually go to the gym instead of just paying for it, etc….). In a […]

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Which is London’s best budget hotel brand?

by Rajul on August 22, 2012

A while back we looked at which budget hotel chain was best, Travelodge or Premier Inn, with the latter just getting the edge across a raft of criteria. But time has moved on since then and with Premier Inn now angling more towards the mid-price market, there’s room for another budget contender in the capital. […]


Amidst record youth unemployment and spiralling university costs, young people seeking a footing on a secure career ladder may well be feeling disillusioned at this point.  But it seems that many are keen on hotel jobs, as evidenced by a staggering amount of applications for Travelodge’s new management apprenticeship scheme. The JuMP (Junior Management Programme) […]


Even Premier Inn now “gets it” on free WiFi.

by Holly on February 27, 2012

Hurrah!  Premier Inn recently announced it will give guests 30 minutes free WiFi access a day in all its UK hotels.  A move to be welcomed by guests sick of paying through the nose for internet access during hotel stays.  This still leaves the chain slightly in the slipstream of its main competitor Travelodge, which announced last summer […]


Hotel jobs for dissatisfied graduates?

by Timea on January 30, 2012

Recent research suggests that a high number of graduates in the UK are unhappy with the amount of responsibility given to them in their first job. A poll by UKSP, a careers website specialising in hotel recruitment, revealed that 36% of those who have graduated in the last five years were “disappointed” with the low […]

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New trends in hotels set to roll on in 2012.

by Andrea on January 2, 2012

Electronic check-in and check-out.  While YOTEL is using electronic check-in to help customers who’re jet-lagged and want a quick route to some Z’s, other hotels are also getting interested.  I suspect this will move up-market as a queue-busting device, giving guests the opportunity to choose whether to wait a few minutes at peak times or […]


Robot staff, dreams on demand & virtual decor…

by Andrea on October 20, 2011

I’ve just been watching Babylon 5 (science fiction) and it’s intriguing how although humans develop telepathy, starships, hyperspace travel and massive space stations, the beds haven’t changed at all.  And that’s as it should be, since we all know what a bed should be like… Or do we?  Travelodge commissioned a futurologist a while ago […]


Premier Inn bids for London domination…

by Holly on September 29, 2011

We’ve commented many times on the rivalry between Premier Inn and Travelodge for London domination.  But it seems Premier Inn is really throwing down the gauntlet now, announcing plans for a major expansion drive in London.  They’re looking to make a 50% growth in rooms in the next two years, and double their size in […]

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Back in late 2009, my colleague Rajul appealed to Travelodge to offer free WiFi – and it seems the powers that be were listening (albeit it took a little time to take action), as the chain has just become the first budget hotel brand in the UK to offer free WiFi to its guests. It’s […]


With university costs rising dramatically and uncertain prospects on the UK job market, many young people are now reassessing their options. And while some hoteliers complain about a shortage of talent – particularly in filling London jobs within the capital’s growing roster of new hotels, Travelodge has responded with a more creative recruitment strategy. The […]

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How comfy is your hotel bed?

by Andrea on February 15, 2011

I don’t think all that often about my bed.  I only really become aware of what I’m sleeping on if it’s wrong – uncomfortable, bumpy, too hard or too soft.  I recently slept in one that kept trying to roll itself around me like a tube.  It was horrible – I kept waking up thinking […]


Automatic check-in: the way of the future?

by Andrea on January 17, 2011

We’ve featured YOTEL before – a revolutionary hotel group focused on airport hotels, packing maximum luxury into minimal space.  Based on our YOTEL video and recent guest reviews, this approach seems to be working. One of the things YOTEL has done differently is to re-examine the check-in process – and automate it.  So I spoke […]


Hotels shape up for London 2012.

by Andrea on January 3, 2011

The London Olympics will certainly boost revenues for the capital’s hotels in 2012.  But while the majority of hotels are in the West End, most of the Olympics events will be in the East End – and it’s not an easy commute. East London isn’t traditionally the most attractive area for top-class hotels.  But both […]