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W London

The first London Fashion Week of the year has begun, resulting in fashion lovers flocking to the capital from all over. If you’re in London for the five-day event, don’t miss out on one of these highly fashionable afternoon teas. The May Fair As the official hotel for London Fashion Week, The May Fair has […]


Not-so-mini bar launched at W London.

by Laura on December 12, 2016

W London is a hotel known for providing fun extras to guests. From vinyl collections to designer wardrobes, they’re happy to fulfill their guests wishes. A new service puts a spin on the minibar, making it supersized. The hotel’s new “Mega Bar” takes the minibar concept and turns it on its head. They have created […]


As any good hipster knows, old things are cool. At least, until they get too popular. One thing that has enjoyed a revival in recent years is vinyl – in fact, even cassettes are popular in some circles. If you love a good record player, you don’t have to miss out when you’re travelling. Turntables […]


2015 has nearly come to the end, and most people want to see out the year with a bang. But if you’re in London and you’ve found yourself without any plans, there’s still time to find an event to suit you. Some of London’s hotels host New Year’s Eve events that sell out rather quickly, […]


Recently, there have been reports in the news that immigration restrictions could be spelling disaster for one of Britain’s favourites foods: the curry. There’s not much that Brits love to eat more than a curry, whether it’s from a top-class restaurant or a late-night dive. But it’s now under threat due to a shortage of chefs with the […]


2015 social media trends for London hotels.

by Laura on September 28, 2015

Social media is more important than ever for London’s hotels, and those around the world. But what have the capital’s hotels been doing with their social media, and are they doing everything they can? It’s not just millennials who are crying out for more social media engagement. Baby boomers have more money to spend on […]


3 London hotels that let you borrow stuff.

by Laura on July 29, 2015

You might have heard the expression “neither a borrower or a lender be”. However, in some of London’s top hotels, you’re actively encouraged to borrow things during your stay. From Burberry coats to designer dresses and wireless phone chargers, London’s hotels are nothing if not generous. And you don’t always have to pay through the […]


There are a number of London hotels with cinemas and screening rooms. But who wants to share with anyone else when you can have your own cinema? A select few hotels now have suites with built-in cinemas. If you want to have a screening facility all to yourself, check out these sweet cinema suites… The […]


No suitcase needed at W London.

by Laura on July 25, 2015

Packing for your holiday or business trip isn’t easy. You get better at it with practice but it’s still a hassle. However at the W London, you can now leave your suitcase behind… Their new Walk Out Wardrobe service lets any suite guest borrow an outfit from a range of designers. Simply contact the hotel’s […]


It’s only been a couple of months since the release of the Apple Watch, but hotels in London are already releasing their own apps for it. From providing essential hotel information to allowing you to control the whole room, there are already several innovative ways you can use your Apple Watch in London’s hotels… W […]

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Tech vs. traditional: what do guests want?

by Laura on June 19, 2015

As technology grows and changes, so do hotel guests’ behaviours and expectations. While there will always be a more traditional set of people, it’s the changers and growers that hotels need to keep up with. So while guests begin to adopt new technologies in other areas of their lives, they want to be able to use […]


Hotels everywhere have been striving to be more eco-friendly in recent years. They recognise the need to look after our planet and that their guests value it too. But many of their green choices are built into the hotel’s infrastructure. From energy-saving light bulbs to sustainable furniture, they’re all fantastic innovations. And some hotels are […]


W London debuts wearable tech.

by Laura on June 4, 2015

Remember those t-shirts that changed colour with your body heat? If you don’t, they were around in the ’80s and they were exactly what they sound like. Yes, they were naff. But the W London is trying to make colourful tech-y clothing cool again with the new uniforms in their club, Wyld. The staff at […]


London boutique hotels roundup – April 2015.

by Chris Glithero on April 30, 2015

With summer on its way and the busy London tourist season in the offing, London’s boutique hotels will soon have their hands full. Here’s a roundup of the latest news as we prepare for a splash of London sunshine… The Spanish booking website ByHours is now offering its services to hotel guests in the UK. […]


As Starwood Capital makes changes in other areas, there’s a big change in one hotel in their former group: the W London is now a keyless hotel, using digital keys on smartphones and wearable devices. While in other regions guests may check in without a staff member, in London they still need to show ID […]


Starwood Capital capitalises on growth of extended stays.

by Chris Glithero on January 20, 2015

London hotels of any shape or size are hot property at the moment, so it’s hardly surprising that many firms are keen to invest in them. This month the investment firm Starwood Capital Group (no longer associated with Starwood Hotels & Resorts) snapped up not one but four upcoming London hotels. The group announced on […]